Drives formatted in HFS on Mac not playing back correctly

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Drives formatted in HFS on Mac not playing back correctly

PostTue Nov 06, 2018 2:31 pm

I record on 4 Blackmagic recorders. 1 is the Hyperdeck pro with XLR audio, the other 3 are the standard rack mount Hyperdecks. I have been using these for years using ExFat, a windows machine and Sony Vegas. I never had any issues. I switched over to Mac and FCP X. I tried to continue using my usb3 startech SSD bay but thought it might run smoother on Thunderbolt, so I switched over to the Blackmagic 4 bay thunderbolt unit. When using ExFat drives I seem to have choppy playback when in Multi camera mode. So someone suggested HFS. I am having worse issues with HFS, but wonder if I got those straightened out would I have better play back in FCP.

HFS issue:
When one SSD card is inserted playback is fine. When 2 or more are instered the system gets confused. (Again I dint have these issues in ExFat on this Mac) The BM recorders name all of the Drives DiskHFS and all of the files Capture001, Capture002 etc by default. I tried renaming the drives and renaming the files to no avail. Every drive I try to play back aside from the first drive either tells me I don't have permission, or it plays back the Capture001 from the first drive instead of the drive I'm actually on. The preview shows the correct camera but it won't playback. When I try to insert into FCPX it is even more confused.

Here is the original post on a FCPX forum.
Final Cut Pro X Choppy Playback

iMac Retina 4k 2017
3.6 i7
32GB memory
Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB

Hard drives with video:
Blackmagic Thunderbolt 4 disc SSD drivebay with SanDisk Extreme PRO SSDs recorded on Blackmajic Hyperdecks
Apple thunderbolt Cable with an apple thunderbolt to USB C adapter
The performance is set to Better Performance, the video files (Recorded at ProRes 422 HQ 1280x720 59fps) and the project settings match.
The issue is worse with Multicam (4 cameras) than with single footage but its there when playing back one channel.

Again this original post is when using ExFat drives. They recommend using HFS for Mac and the issues were much worse.

The last suggestion on that apple post was:
I believe the software will allow the drives to be configured differently. eg RAID or single.
This would affect how replay.
Consult the manual.

I don't see anything in the hyper deck manual about configuring drives. I am not using any Blackmagic software currently. I did use the Blackmagic Speed test software and did confirm that my discs should be blowing away this footage.

Any help would be helpful. Thanks!

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