This was shot on the ORIGINAL POCKET and 2.5k!

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This was shot on the ORIGINAL POCKET and 2.5k!

PostMon Apr 15, 2019 2:39 pm

Twenty 40 - THE END OF SUPER CARS as we know them. A film shot entirely on the ORIGINAL Blackmagics.

Personally speaking, my two passions revolve around filming and driving... Naturally combining the two became inevitable... and immensely fun.

As this was a passion project, we couldn't solely focus our efforts on this film, the time frame of production was approximately a year long... We started when we were using the original Pocket camera and BMCC 2.5k. As time progressed our gear did too, now we shoot with the URSA Mini Pro + Pocket 4k. However, we wanted to stay true to the production and keep shooting with the gear we started with.

We felt confident we knew the original cameras inside and out. Knowing how to manipulate them perfectly to get the most cinematic and natural images out of them as we possibly could. Evidently this wouldn't have been possible without the phenomenal software that is DaVinci, and when I say phenomenal... EVERYTHING (other than the score) was done in DaVinci, even the immensely detailed sound design. The combination between DNG RAW and DaVinci Resolve allowed us to maintain perfect image quality throughout. Until YouTube ruins it all...!

Believe it or not, the opening shots driving through Snowdonia, being chased by the R8 (and all chasing shots bar the racetrack), are from the ORIGINAL POCKET! At the time I was rather jealous as I was the one who owned the more impressive and expensive BMCC and the pocket was my colleague's. However, now I simply sit back and accept that the original pocket, and 2.5k, are just brilliant machines with all things considered...

Simply put; this project highlights how impressed we were by the quality of what are now considered to be "outdated"(?!) cameras... You can make your own judgement there. If it weren't for the lacking of higher frame rates I'd probably still be using the BMCC as my main camera!

I'd love to know what people think about the film considering that it was shot on yesterday's cameras, in today's world. I am aware there are some pacing issues and the odd "wobble" which drive me mad (I won't say where though...).

For anyone interested in hearing more about the backstory of the film please have a look over the description in the video. As an avid car enthusiast the film means an awful lot to me. However, I thought it may be best to stick to the camera talk on here - unless anyone wants to bring the car side up!




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