BRAW and Audio Sync can't Pluraleyes

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BRAW and Audio Sync can't Pluraleyes

PostThu May 16, 2019 2:07 pm

Previously I was shooting with a GH5 + Zoom H5 external recorder for audio, and doing waveform audio sync (there's no TC). Resolve 15 didn't work very well at audio sync making tons of false syncs and even more sync failures so I did that step with Pluraleyes 4 which was amazing for audio sync, replacing the camera audio with the Zoom-mic audio and then editing in Resolve 15.

However, with the BMPCC 4K now, I'm shooting BRAW and Pluraleyes can't read the files. Any suggestions? Does Resolve work better with BRAW files rather than GH5 files for audio sync and does a good enough job now, or does Resolve 16b2 make huge improvements in this regard, or is there perhaps any plugin or update to Pluraleyes that works with BRAW?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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