GPUs have gone nuts

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GPUs have gone nuts

PostThu Sep 12, 2019 3:42 pm

Lowest price for a 1080Ti (new) on Newegg: $1190 (for a real P.O.S. blower card version)
Lowest price for a 2080Ti (new) on Newegg: $999.99 (not the best, bet better quality than the 1080Ti)

Who is spending ~$200 more to get an older and slower card? Am I missing something here? Went looking because Resolve 16 has put me over the edge, and the GTX 970 no longer comes close to cutting it. Just assumed I'd be debating between these two cards (cool new vs. save a few bucks), but this has me thinking I gotta be missing a piece of the puzzle somewhere.

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