Color Aware Tools in Davinci Wide Gamut

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Color Aware Tools in Davinci Wide Gamut

PostMon Sep 18, 2023 3:53 pm

I am a very big fan of using Davinci Wide Gamut, but I have two suggestions. First of all I've been a user of Davinci Resolve since it was in Beta, before it was available for the public. When qualifying a color in Davinci Wide Gamut, the selections are far too broad. You end up selecting the whole world. Can the eye droppers not be geared back accordingly when working in Davinic WG? I sometimes make very precise selections, a change in skin tone in a person's face, for instance, where an area is slightly discolored. I know you can't expect the eye dropper to do everything for you and this must be meticulously dialed in, but the starting point should be close and currently it is not. When selecting color space aware grading tools, this should be one of the provisions. The other item is the vectorscope. Is there any way we could be given more gain? What I mean is that there is a 2X selection, which I use a great deal, especially when working with determining correct skin tone, etc, but in Davinci WG, the deflection of that vector from the centre of the scope is so subtle, it is nearly impossible to determine the angle. If there was say a 4X magnification of the vector would really help. I hope you are seeing my messages. Nobody every responds.

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Re: Color Aware Tools in Davinci Wide Gamut

PostMon Sep 18, 2023 6:57 pm

color space aware tools (project setting) does affect the ranges of the qualifier as far as I know

vectorscope can zoom in way more if you Alt+Mouswheel into it

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