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Hyperdeck telnet protocol - "slot info": video format

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 12:10 pm
by StepanK

please what is the meaning of "video format" row in the response to "slot info" command? This command returns status of the disk where the deck is about to record, e.g.
slot info
202 slot info:
slot id: 3
status: mounted
volume name: DiskExFAT
recording time: 0
video format: 1080p5994
blocked: false

but -- how video format is related to the disk? Means there can be one video format of clips on the disk, say once the first clip is written, this gets fixed and can't be changed anymore till all the clips are removed? Or...? I understand video format of the video input, of course, but again, this command provides info on the disk that saves clips (and there can be mp4, mov... files mixed).

Also, for anyone interested: 'recording time: 0' actually may mean that the video input is wrong, not necessarily the disk being full.