Create Plugin for Da Vinci Resolve

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Create Plugin for Da Vinci Resolve

PostFri Oct 04, 2019 2:06 pm

Hi there

I would like to build small Plugins for Resolve, that we can use internally. But i can't find any resources.

The case would be, that we want our own types of lower thirds, titles, ending with Fusion itself.

So that the editor just have to select the plugin and paste the date in it.

As example:

Ending (Roll Credits full, Book)
List with Position, Name and the size of the columns 1 - 3

How did you build your plugins?
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Re: Create Plugin for Da Vinci Resolve

PostSat Oct 05, 2019 1:15 am

If Fusion page based macro .setting files aren't able to meet your title template design needs, you could look at using the Fusion ".fuse" approach to create your custom title designs that are parametric and editable. It's also possible to mix together a custom fuse inside a macro file for the best of both approaches.

If you install the Steakunderwater forum's Reactor package manager for Fusion Standalone/Resolve you can check out the exsiting fuses that are included in the content available for download.

This page on Steakunderwater shows some interesting approaches that can be used to automate the process of creating title graphics via macros, expressions, and intool scripting that support changing content. Also, check out Bryan Ray's excellent blog with Fusion tool development articles. :)

Alternatively, if you have C/C++ coders on staff you could use the OFX plugin interface to make custom motion graphics tools that would work in the Edit page, Color page, and in the Fusion page.

The VFXPedia archive hosted by the Steakunderwater forums has a few pages about fuse dev here along with example fuses you can download:

Fuses ... tions/Fuse

Fuse Reference Manual ... nce_Manual

Creating Fuses ... ting_Fuses

Example Fuses ... mple_Fuses

Third Party Fuses ... arty_Fuses
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