Possible to create ATEM Macro to Format Hyperdeck SSD's?

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Possible to create ATEM Macro to Format Hyperdeck SSD's?

PostWed Oct 23, 2019 6:36 pm

Does anybody know if it's possible to create a macro that would format the ssd's in a hyperdeck?

I have an automated workflow that executes macro's via rest API to trigger the replay flow, but need to manually format the drives every day.

The issue is, my hyperdeck's buttons (all three units) are unresponsive. You have to press the buttons with the fury of 1000's suns just to get them to respond.

So I was hoping, that i could just create a macro that would do the format process for me.

I know this is possible via terminal commands -
format: prepare: exFAT
recieve token
format: confirm: (token)

But the issue is I have to dis-connect the deck(s) from the ATEM to execute this command. (You can only have one connection to a hyperdeck at a time) Which is not practical in my setup. Aiming for full automation.

If a format macro is not possible, do you guys know if they hyperdecks will execute the XML format commands via another source while connected to an ATEM? Thanks!

Brendan Dower

Blackmagic Design

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Re: Possible to create ATEM Macro to Format Hyperdeck SSD's?

PostFri Oct 25, 2019 4:16 am

Hi Joe VanDalsem,

It is possible to send commands to multiple hyperdecks at one time. Although this wont be perfectly synchronized.

Using a standard off the shelf Ethernet Hub/Switch you can connect multiple hyperdeck devices to the same network.

Then using the ethernet protocol, you could format each drive in each device one after another. If you were to do this via terminal commands you would have to connect via Telnet to one device, format, then disconnect and connect to the next device.

However, using a scripting language (such as python) you could automate this process. You could then execute this script once per day which will send all Telnet commands to all devices one after another with one single trigger/executable.

You could even run the script as a crontab job so that the script is automatically executed once per day at a specific time (say midnight, for example)

I hope this helps, let me know if you need any more information.

Kind regards,
Brendan Dower
Blackmagic Design Developer Support

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