Actual focus distance

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Actual focus distance

PostThu Jan 02, 2020 11:31 pm

Dear All,

It's my first post here and I'm no Dev by any means, just hacking and fabricobbling in spare time.

I've searched SDI spec sheet and forum before posting and it seem that I have an original question.
I hope it is at least.

Android app "Blackmagic Camera Controller" is able to get actual focus distance in mm.

Question A: does BMPCC 4k or SDI stack in general provide such information?
Question B: does aforementioned provide lens ID or other way to identify specific lens model?

I know for a fact that same command yield different focus distance on each lens I tried.

I'm working on physical BT controller on ESP32 and have most building blocks in place, I'm adding features at this point. I'd like to add lidar based C-AF that for slower apertures should work good enough. I know it's like going all the way back to canons 1980s FD AF lenses era... And fundamentally against what cinema camera should be but would like to try it nonetheless.

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