Capturing 655/48i NTSC - Analogue

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Capturing 655/48i NTSC - Analogue

PostMon Mar 02, 2020 6:17 pm

This is a challenge and not I think for the faint hearted.

I have the need to capture several tapes that were recorded in 1980 using a new, now abandoned video format. It is:

655/48i NTSC 3.58 It has 615 active lines (625 video has 576, 525 has 488).

The recorder was a modified machine that was capable of recording 625/50i PAL or 525/60i NTSC simply by swapping out some cards. Engineers modified these cards to create a hybrid format (655/48i NTSC) that could be scanned back to 35mm film.

I have two problems; firstly, I need to be able to get the video into a capture device, something like the Intensity Shuttle. I then need to be able to capture the video in a non destructive form, specifically I need to maintain the 2 field per frame structure of the interlace. DPX files are probably the best solution.

Big question; is this possible?


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