3D SDI output on DeckLink 8K Pro

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3D SDI output on DeckLink 8K Pro

PostThu Mar 05, 2020 11:15 am

Following the TestPattern sample, we detect that none of the display modes supports 3d by checking the flag: m_displayMode->GetFlags() & bmdDisplayModeSupports3D.

First question:
Does the DeckLink 8K Pro support SDI 3D output ?

Second question:
If 3D is supported, how do we activate it on a particular video mode ?
From the DeviceConfiguration sample I tried setting it as default video output mode flag:
iVideoOutputModeFlags | bmdVideoOutputDualStream3D);
But all video modes report the bmdDisplayModeSupports3D as false.

Thanks in advance for your time and support.

Bernard Willaert

Cameron Nichols

Blackmagic Design

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Re: 3D SDI output on DeckLink 8K Pro

PostFri Mar 13, 2020 5:39 am

Hi Bernard,

Yes 3D output is supported by DeckLink 8K Pro, you can check video mode support with either:
  • IDeckLinkOutput::DoesSupportVideoMode, with supported video mode flag bmdSupportedVideoModeDualStream3D
  • With DeviceList SDK sample
Ensure that you have enabled a profile which 3D is support (dual-link or quad-link modes)

To activate, you need to call IDeckLinkOutput::EnableVideoOutput with output video flags including bmdVideoOutputDualStream3D. You will need to schedule video frames that implement IDeckLinkVideoFrame3DExtensions. Refer to the SignalGenerator/TestPattern SDK sample for example how to create a class that implements IDeckLinkVideoFrame and IDeckLinkVideoFrame3DExtensions.


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