3G-SDI Shield for Arduino as OSD

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3G-SDI Shield for Arduino as OSD

PostFri Mar 06, 2020 6:55 pm


Is there any way to use the 3G-SDI Shield for Arduino as an On Screen Data generator?
There are many osd shields available for arduino, but none of them 1080p, only pal or ntsc.
My custom project would add telemetry data over sdi, without messing with the signal.
I'm interested in a solution that i could integrate in open hardware platforms like arduino or rasp.Pi

Perhaps linking a bidirectional miroconverter to the 3g-sdi shield?

Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

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Re: 3G-SDI Shield for Arduino as OSD

PostMon Mar 09, 2020 3:47 pm

I have opted this many years ago.. But it seems to be a hardware limitation of the memory of the shield. They put on what they really needed and they are not able to clear up more memory to do graphics..

I really wanted to overlay some boxes with text in them like Aux 3
Or make your custom color bar by building a few blocks with colors assigned to them.. ;)
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