is Mini SDI/Analog converter controlable via software?

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is Mini SDI/Analog converter controlable via software?

PostThu May 21, 2020 5:12 pm

I am developing an automated test framework that is controllable via custom software. I need to be able to have a single physical BNC output connector that will output either NTSC or PAL, switchable via software.

The Smart Videohub looks ideal, because it appears suitable with a Ethernet programmable control interface. So I can write software that will control all of the switching of SDI inputs to the SDI outputs. I thought of putting several Mini SDI/Analog converters on a few of the SDI outputs so I could have both NTSC outputs and PAL outputs. But this means that I will have a separate output for each of the NTSC and PAL outputs. The video products that my company develops have a single BNC input that can accept SDI, NTSC or PAL video input. So my automated test framework ideally should have a single physical output connector that can be configured via software to output video in either NTSC or PAL. To test SDI, then I have to actually change the input connector. But I want a single connector for either NTSC or PAL.

So one question I have is, can the Mini SDI/Analog converter auto detect from the input SDI (using the different frame rate and resolutions) so that it will output the correct corresponding analog format? Or does it require that I set some jumper/switch settings to specify which of NTSC or PAL in order to get the desired analog output format?

If it will auto detect, then I can send in SDI video at NTSC framerate/resolution and get an NTSC output, or I can send in SDI video at PAL framerate/resolution and get a PAL output, all using the same physical analog output connector of the converter.


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