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DeckLink 8K pro Queries hardware and Labview

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:34 am
by pratikc24
We are plannng to use DeckLink 8K Pro in our test setup. In this setup we have SD/HD/2K/4K/8K SDI Video interfaces. We need perform following actions on the input ports of this card:
1. Auto detect the interface on the input ports (APIs like Port Open, Configure, etc..)
2. Perform Video Capture from any of the input port (up to 12Gb/S SD/HD/2K/4K/8K input types). (Start steaming and Stop streaming)
3. Perform still image capture at various intervals (Still Image format, API to get the Image)

We have a LabView software setup on our Workstation PC which is having 32GBytes of DDR4 RAM and PCIe slots of 8 and 16 Lanes.
We are planning to use SSD hard Disk on this workstation.

We are planning to use the libraries provided with this device to access the SDK API interface as mentioned in SDK-DeckLink document on your website.
LabView has provision to call the API functions from the Library.

Before purchase of this device we want to make sure that Libraries supporting the Blacmagic SDK can be used by the LabView software we are using. For this to verify we need these Libraries to check that all the API functions are visible to the LabView software.

To note, LabView software we are using is 32-bit version.
Please, help us provide the required libraries so that we can verify the interface and finalize purchase of DeckLink 8K Pro device.
2 more points if possible please ans:
1. Can you provide the latency between video input 12G-SDI port and PCIe port? i.e. latency of the Blackmagic card to convert video from SDI interface to PCIe interface irrespective of motherboard
2. What is the Video format output on PCIe interface