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Simple Recording App

PostFri Jul 31, 2020 12:43 pm

Hi folks,
I need a really simple command line app to do (reduced quality) recording for compliance. Record two hours of something like compressed 720p to a file. Then record another two hours to a second file. And so on, 24/7.
Something like VideoSnap (, which uses AVFoundation, would be perfect. However I was a little disappointed to find the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle USB that I've just purchased doesn't support AVFoundation.

So anyway, I'm a DotNet developer so I've decided to try to create an equivalent command line program. It looks like the DotNet API actually only supports Windows, and I'd prefer a solution in MacOS.
So I've been having a look at the examples in XCode on the Mac.

The FileCapture example looks like it might be able to capture video from the external source to a file for a specific amount of time.
I'm a little puzzled though: it builds and fires up the UI, but it doesn't detect the Intensity device. All the lists are empty and disabled.
Instructions are a bit thin on the ground, so I thought I'd ask:
- there are a bunch of modules called DeckLinkXXX, just checking that these will also detect and deal with the Intensity device (it's listed under the Desktop Media driver support)
- does this sound like the closest sample to what I want?
- if so, what steps do I have to take to detect and record from the device. What materials are available?

Ben McIntyre

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