PS4K VISCA Data & Arduino Shield...

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PS4K VISCA Data & Arduino Shield...

PostFri Nov 13, 2020 8:38 am

Howdy all,

Posting in Software dev forum as recommended by phone support.

I have a medium size venue looking to add a PTZ camera system. Venue currently has the PS4K (so no serial port) and a few other BMD devices. I am leaning towards sticking with BMD in order to add to the existing video system rather than purchasing a whole separate system. I'm thinking of adding the 1ME Advanced Panel and some cameras likely from PTZOptics etc. Am I correct in understanding that the BazControllers ATEM2PTZ Visca Controller (clearly the arduino shield in a box) will take the VISCA data embedded in the program feed and pipe it out serial?

Additionally, how do the ATEM switchers set the VISCA address? I haven't found anything in the manuals, so I'm thinking input one is address one, etc?

Also, is there any way to send VISCA data over IP?

Or am I completely incorrect in the whole idea and missing something huge?


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