OpenFX args.isEnabledCudaRender returns false

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OpenFX args.isEnabledCudaRender returns false

PostTue Dec 15, 2020 4:38 pm

I'm compiling the OpenFX Gain project but I can't get any GPU rendering working in Fusion.
When debugging isEnabledOpenCLRender, isEnabledCudaRender and isEnabledMetalRender are all returning false from setGPURenderArgs in ofxsProcessing.h

I have made sure GPU is enabled in Fusion. I have also tried manually set the device to GPU and the API to Cuda and OpenCL in Fusion but it still returns false.

When I open the plugin in Resove, isEnabledCudaRender returns true but isEnabledOpenCLRender still returns false.

Is this a bug for Fusion or am I missing something to make it work?
Also, should OpenCL work in latest Resolve/Fusion at all? Wondering as it returned false for both softwares.

Bonus: I would LOVE to get an OpenGL template project in a later release also.

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