4K Mini + BMD SDK working: ingest from /dev/blackmagic/io0

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4K Mini + BMD SDK working: ingest from /dev/blackmagic/io0

PostWed Jan 06, 2021 11:57 pm

My setup is, BlackMagic URSA via SDI -> UltraStudio 4K Mini via TB3 -> Laptop.
I have BMD SDK + FFMPEG working on my Ubuntu laptop and I can use v4l2loopback to send video to /dev/video1 (/dev/video0 is my webcam). So the data path is working but there is a latency with v4l2loopback.

If I don't want to go through another ffmpeg step to transcode "eg. c:v copy" to get the stream out of the UltraStudio. Is there way to access the stream output from UltraStudio 4K Mini directly via /dev/blackmagic/io0?

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