BMD camera remote control Min, Max, Step...

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BMD camera remote control Min, Max, Step...

PostThu Feb 04, 2021 8:25 am

We have developed many different controllers for BMD cameras over the years.


The problem is always the same different cameras support different control, like P4K has absolute focus even for EF lenses via SpeedBooster, P6K has only relative focus.

And also different cameras have different Exposure, ISO, WB etc. ranges and also steps.

And lately we run into problems with P4K, it accepts both Shutter Angle and Shutter Speed and as we where sending both the end result was not quite expected. And then we tried to control Micro Studio Camera and it accepts either, but uses Exposure time (micro Seconds)

This is all ok, except documentation, we have not found documentation of what messages each camera support, what are the min, max, step values for those parameters, If there is difference on supported parameters and functionality if using USB, SDI, BT, LANC, or SBUS. Some of those provide also possibility to read the current parameters from camera.

Is there such documentation and we have just missed it?

if(so) {where_could_we_find_it();} else {could_we_have_that_please();} ;)
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