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[bug or..?] Audio sync deletes metadata and more related...

PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 8:48 am
by Crazy_O
ok, I've learned my lesson, from now on I will sync my audio as the FIRST action. But yet...

I usually have clips (and subclips) named after their metadata "SCN%Scene S%Shot T%Take" > i.e. SCN3 S1 T1
but when I autosynced the whole project to it's audio folder, I ended up with a bunch of SCN S T clips, since the metadata related to Scene, Shot and Take had been reset to "empy value"

Is this normal, or wanted? Maybe there is something I can't get.

Other things:

- I can't UNDO this process (nor ctrl-z or other ways)

- I can't "unsync" wrongly auto-synced audio (of course I can use "Clip Attributes..." with its "Audio" page, more coming about it), but even so, the clips stay "synced" (or so it seems to me).

- It would be great to being able to keep using the Media Page (for audio-preview above the many reasons) while the "Clip Attributes..." is active. Let me explain:

Sometimes Autosync doesn't know which clip to sync, and syncs more than one single audio clip to my video clip; but only one audio clip is the right one. Which one? How to identify it? It would be great to being able to change - within the "Audio" page of the "Clip Attributes..." - wich track to enable and which to disable, or - at least - directly play it from a "play button" near the "trash button" of each track, without being forced to Save and Close the "Clip Attributes", keep in mind wich track we were using, eventually repeating the whole process more times.