SDK for 10-bit HDR Output ?

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SDK for 10-bit HDR Output ?

PostFri Apr 16, 2021 3:39 am

Hi, I am developping software to capture HDR video from blackmagic card.
I have gotten two card : Blackmagic Web Presenter, Blackmagic Duo 2.
However, while enumerating supported media types of the two device by DirectShow, I can't find any media type for HDR format.

I want to known:
1. Can the two devices support HDR output ? If not, which device do you recommend ?
2. If device support HDR output, how can I configue and get HDR video from it ? DirectShow or only Decklink API ? If only decklink API support, can you provide any demo for HDR output ?

I find another question related with HDR output, bug no answer.

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