Blackmagic Cards Fail in PCIe slot

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Stefanos Georgopoulos

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Blackmagic Cards Fail in PCIe slot

PostWed Dec 04, 2013 1:46 pm

Hello community,

We have two kind of BM cards. One Decklink SD and one Intensity Pro. We used them with our old PCs (Fujitsu ESPRIMO P710 E90+).

Mainboard D3161 (µATX)

We put the cards in PCIe x16 Gen2 (4 lanes) -> Decklink SD
and PCIe x1 Gen2->Intensity Pro.

The cards worked without any problem.

Then we ordered 5 new PCs (Fujitsu ESPRIMO P720 E90+).
Mainboard D3221 (µATX)

In the new machines the cards are working only in the PCIe x16 Gen3 (16 lanes) slot (no matter which card). If I put the cards in any other slot then the Ubuntu (12.04 or 13.10) either not recognize the card or recognize the card but when I start the MediaExpress and try to record a video the image freezes and then the Firmware update tool return an NEEDS UPDATE value. If I try to run the update, the command line stacks in the 0% and never update the card.

If I remove the cards and put them in the old PC they are working!

Till now I tried to change the combination of the slots/cards. Same problem
I update the BIOS but he bios is in the last version.
I change the BIOS settings for the PCI slots. From Auto ->to GEN 1, or GEN 2. Same problem.

Any idea what else should I try??


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Re: Blackmagic Cards Fail in PCIe slot

PostThu Dec 05, 2013 7:03 pm

sorry not familiar with that particular brand of motherboard, but I'd highly suggest you take this to their support. The fact that the devices work fine in some slots but not others means either its a problem with the motherboard, or maybe a bios bug that needs updating. The support from the computer manufacturer should be able to help you understand why the cards that should work are not.
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