Bug in desktopvideo RPM

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Bug in desktopvideo RPM

PostThu Jan 08, 2015 10:28 am

Hi all,

I wanted to report a bug in the desktopvideo rpm, tested as present in the latest release (10.3.4) but not tested to not be present in previous releases.

For the drivers to be built, the RPM requires either of the following files to exist
- /lib/modules/<kernel version>.<arch>/build
- /lib/modules/<kernel version>.<arch>/source
The latter is a symlink to the former, which in turn is a symlink to
- /usr/src/kernels/<kernel version>.<arch>

This directory of files is provides by the `kernel-devel` RPM, but this is *not* a dependency of the desktopvideo RPM. What *is* a dependency of desktopvideo is `dkms`, which installs `kernel-debug-devel` in priority over `kernel-devel` (i.e., if neither package is installed then `kernel-debug-devel` is installed and not `kernel-devel`, see https://access.redhat.com/discussions/1269213). This *is* a bug with the `kernel-debug-devel` RPM spec file, however it would be useful if `desktopvideo` specifically put a dependency on the correct package, `kernel-devel`.

Moreover, there is a perhap more annoying bug with the desktopvideo RPM, whereby if the drivers fail to build then the RPM is still reported as successfully installed, which messes up package managers like `yum`, because if the user fixes the cause of the build failure, they then have to remove the package before trying to reinstall (although `yum reinstall` would negate this).

This is all tested on Fedora 20, with kernel 3.17.7-200 on 64 bit arch (although I don't think that the problem is architecure specific).


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