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Capture timestamps

PostMon Mar 02, 2015 2:05 pm


I wanted to know what do the difference between the IDeckLinkVideoInputFrame::GetStreamTime and DeckLinkVideoInputFrame::GetHardwareReferenceTimestamp methods. Also what do the IDeckLinkAudioInputPacket::GetPacketTime method means and how is this related to the video ones.

In my application I'm using scale = 1000000 and I get funky values from these methods. For example, when I start the capture I get (from the first VideoInputFrameArrived callback):
video->GetStreamTime: 280000
video->GetHardwareReferenceTimestamp: 2142370731000
audio->GetPacketTime: 30154354

then the second one:
video->GetStreamTime: 320000
video->GetHardwareReferenceTimestamp: 2142370771000
audio->GetPacketTime: 30194354

Those values seem to be ok, because i'm capturing at 25 fps, and the video timestamp increase 40ms. However I don't understand the relation between the video and the audio ones.

Also, I'd like to know if the timestamps overflow at a specific value (as mpegts 2^33) or if they go up to 2^64.

I'm using the Linux SDK, and I've tested with 3 Decklink Mini Recorders and 1 Decklink Studio 2.

Thanks in advance

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