Intermittent input signal losses on intensity pro

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Intermittent input signal losses on intensity pro

PostThu Mar 12, 2015 7:49 pm

Hi All, I have already e-mailed that to tech support but have not got back, maybe somebody can help me while I'm waiting from tech support.

Problem: Intensity pro card sometimes just stops receiving input videosignal, nothing helps (reloading kernel modules, restarting application, rebooting video output device, trying different video source, re-plugging hdmi, swapping hdmi cables). The only thing that helps is rebooting PC. I'm 100% sure that input resolution matches, blackmagic module loaded.
I noticed that it happens more frequently when video source device gets new firmware (Satellite STB)

I'm running archlinux, latest drivers, kernel.

Is there any ways I can troubleshoot drivers/kernel modules/edid.

Thank you

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