SDI Input Redundancy and auto switchover

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SDI Input Redundancy and auto switchover

PostSun Mar 15, 2015 11:38 am

Hello there.
I am developing a playout software based on Decklink 4k Extreme.
now, I want to design Playout redundancy platform.
what I am looking for is a device that is able to switch from a lost SDI signal automatically, to another SDI input.
I found two devices which seem to be more relevant.
mini converters categories:
SDI to HDMI Converter and SDI Multiplexer.
these two devices have SDI input and ALT SDI input (alternate) as well as one SDI input.
but I need to take control over the converter and send command to it, regarding when and how it should switch between these to inputs.
please let me know if these two devices have such an ability, or if not, please introduce to me a similar device.
I am standby for your feedback,

Thank you

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