Closed Caption with DeckLink Studio 4K

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Closed Caption with DeckLink Studio 4K

PostWed Sep 20, 2017 11:15 pm


I have a DeckLink Studio 4K and HyperDeck Studio mini. They are used with a Ubuntu 16.04 machine.

I'm playing with the samples in SDK.

When I run ClosedCaption application, DeckLink can actually output that blue video and closed captions, HyperDeck is used to record the SDI signal. Closed caption are present in SD card as .mcc file.

But when I do playback using HyperDeck (through SDI), I can't find the CC content. I tried to use GetBufferForVerticalBlankingLine to grab the ancillary data. What I saw on all 21 line No. are "blank". The "blank" content is the same as the content I saw in ClosedCaption sample, right after ClearVancData().

Please let me know if anything's wrong. Or, does DeckLink Studio 4K accept SDI input with ClosedCaption? (it does support CC output as I verified).

Thank you!

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