Capturing serial timecode from Decklink SDI

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Vincent Guigue

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Capturing serial timecode from Decklink SDI

PostWed Apr 04, 2018 5:04 pm


I am currently having issues with serial timecode capture with a Decklink SDI card.
With BlackMagic Media Express we can see that the timecode is captured (even with SDI cable off), but when i call "IDeckLinkVideoInputFrame::GetTimecode" in the "IDeckLinkInputCallback::VideoInputFrameArrived" callback, the function returns an error (S_FALSE).

The exact same function works well when called with other timecode formats, such as "bmdTimecodeRP188Any", "bmdTimecodeRP188LTC"... but when i try to get "bmdTimecodeSerial", it doesn't work.
Other functions using RS422 to control the VTR work just fine.

The documentation advices to see how timecode capture is performed in the "CapturePreview" sample, but the serial timecode recuperation is not shown in this one.

The Blackmagic version used is the 10.8.2, on windows 7 64 bits.

Any help would be welcome !
Vincent Guigue

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