BMD capture drivers from a linux user perspective

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Ron Valer

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BMD capture drivers from a linux user perspective

PostMon Aug 19, 2019 10:38 am

Today when you want to install BMD drivers on a Linux without X there are a few drawbacks:

First is that you need to have a 2nd PC to download the driver.

2nd is that you have to download a 920MB archive (11.3) for a 92.7 MB file. (desktopvideo). It is obvious that .rpm user dont need the .deb package (same apply for x86 vs x64)

3rd (less critical) is that you get also a file for scanner which normally should be separately since the sales of the BMD capture cards is not equal to BMD film scanner. Also It will be nice that Cintel users to get its files separately not to look after them in BMD capture package. They really deserve to have its own separate package (related to the price of the scanner).

Here is my proposal: Keep the actual distribution mechanism for users which are already used to work this way.

Add a repo style like in Linux world. This way you will get more granular statistics of who is downloading and what is downloading. Also the traffic will be up to 10 times smaller for the same effect. (Not to say a real repo will do only diffs from the installed packages to the actual ones so downloads will be far smaller - delta rpms in case of updates). At the user level we will get a fixed stable download mechanism by simply installing the repo. And we will get exactly what we need.

Approx the same applies to decklink SDK. Although there are 3 buttons for downloading on each platform you will get the same package which includes linux mac and windows in each of the 3 downloads. Either put a single download button or put 3 buttons but with content related exclusively to the required platform.

Dont get me wrong, BMD has done a lot giving us low cost capture cards, we can live even with actual file distribution mechanism. Making it available also via repo or any other more granular mechanism will ease the life on both ends.

James Little

Blackmagic Design

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Re: BMD capture drivers from a linux user perspective

PostFri Aug 23, 2019 3:10 am

Hi Ron,

Just a comment on the scanner distribution, in upcoming releases that will be moved out and Cintel will have it's own installer.

I'll leave the rest for further discussion.


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