Camera Control: status and metadata command categories

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Camera Control: status and metadata command categories

PostSun Sep 08, 2019 12:32 pm

Hi there! As a hobby project I'm writing an application to control Blackmagic cameras from a browser using bluetooth API. I noticed that categories 9 (status) and 12 (meta data) aren't documented, at least officially.

Is it because you don't want third party developers to use those APIs or it's not stable enough? I wandering if I should invest my time writing code around undocumented APIs. Could you help me with clarifying this, please?



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Re: Camera Control: status and metadata command categories

PostSat Sep 21, 2019 9:21 pm

Sadly there is quite a lot that is not specified and also a lot that is plain missing from the protocol altogether.

For example there is no version of the spec yet that contains the values to send to set the DCI 4K or any higher resolution (and no BMPCC4K firmware that supports DCI 4K on Bluetooth yet).

Or a list of exact values that UUID: 2A24 "Camera Model" will return.

And no way (it's not unspecified, it's missing) to find out what the connected camera supports
or at least what firmware version the camera has (so you could at least maintain a list of each camera and firmware and what resolutions, framerates, codecs,.. it supports with great effort. Especially for cameras you don't have.)


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Re: Camera Control: status and metadata command categories

PostSun Mar 21, 2021 9:18 pm

I am also developing my own device. Bluetooth apps are greatly designed, but the BLE reach of the BMPCC4K is like 4 meters. Then you lose the signal. That doesn't work on a real set. I am developing a Web UI. I notice that there is a hidden 9 (status) category. It isn't documented. On the "bluemagic32" bluetooth library I have a "getStatus()" command which gives me raw data coming out from the camera. The thing is I don't know how to read it. Anyone can give me an aproximation? I can get all the strings of numbers of it, yes, but have no idea how to translate that to like the file name, battery level indicator (yes, there is one), etc.

Any help would be apreciated!

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