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Blackmagic RAW Format Used on Indie Sci-Fi Thriller, Portals

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:07 pm
by Kerry de Boer
Blackmagic Design today announced that filmmaker Hasraf (Haz) Dulull employed a Blackmagic RAW workflow throughout both the acquisition and post production of a new science fiction anthology feature, Portals.

Created and produced by Chris White in association with Screen Media Films, the final and bookend segments of the thriller were directed by Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull, who opted to shoot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K using Blackmagic RAW 12:1 constant bitrate.

With a tight production budget, HaZ and his team were given only a week to prep and shoot. They then had two days to complete the assembly edit in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16, which was also used to deliver the entirety of the final cut and DI in collaboration with an LA based post team.

To learn more, please visit: ... 0191107-01