Toei TV Production Used Ultimatte 12 For KAMEN RIDER SABER

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Toei TV Production Used Ultimatte 12 For KAMEN RIDER SABER

PostThu Jan 28, 2021 2:18 pm

Blackmagic Design today announced that Blackmagic’s Ultimatte 12 compositing processor was used for real time compositing of the popular TV show “KAMEN RIDER SABER.” Ultimatte 12 was also used in conjunction with DaVinci Resolve Studio and UltraStudio 4K Mini to shoot the many virtual shots required for the action packed show, as well as for the film version of the series, “KAMEN RIDER SABER the Movie, ” which has released in December 2020.

Produced by Toei TV Production and aired every Sunday on TV Asashi, the “KAMEN RIDER” super hero TV and film series has been on air since 1971. The latest of the series, “KAMEN RIDER SABER,” started production in 2020 and was faced with the many limitations on production size made necessary by Covid.

Takayuki Shibasaki, a director of “KAMEN RIDER SABER” said: “We were told not to go on location shooting for the first two episodes of the show. Thus, we created a story which we could use more composite shots, making Riders fight in a virtual space created by UnReal Engine. However, using so many composite shots meant a great deal of keying. Then, we looked for something that could composite on set and found the Ultimatte. We purchased it immediately after testing.”

To learn more, please visit: ... 0210128-01

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