DeckLink SDI Micro Used for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

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DeckLink SDI Micro Used for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

PostTue Jun 18, 2019 12:29 pm

Blackmagic Design announced today that Blackmagic’s DeckLink SDI Micro was used for capture and playback with the pitching tracking system “Baseboy,” a newly announced system by Qoncept Inc. capable of visualizing a ball’s path and interlocking with a camera feed. Baseboy was first used, in conjunction with a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, in the recent Japan/US international baseball match, Samurai Japan Series 2019, broadcast by TV Asahi as Japan’s first realtime baseboy analysis system.

Qoncept owns their own image process technology centered on AR (Augmented Reality), and offers technology to various fields, such as real time composite, data analysis, and tracking players and balls used in sports competitions. Baseboy can analyze the movement of balls from baseball pitching and batting and make real time composites using analysis result which is 3D image data. It will be installed in many broadcasters, baseball stadiums and sports federations in Japan.

For the Samurai Japan Series 2019 match, a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K was used to shoot baseball in play with its feed sent to Baseboy via a Blackmagic DeckLink SDI Micro. Baseboy then analyzed the camera feed and produced real time composited graphics, overlaying CG which shows the path of the ball thrown by the pitcher. These images were then sent to TV Asashi for broadcast.

For more information, please visit: ... 0190618-01

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