Abandoning 8k+ sensors.

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Abandoning 8k+ sensors.

PostWed Oct 23, 2019 8:55 am

I'm doing this in off topic, as it has little to do with direct cinematography or BM.

As people may realise, I have been toying with the idea of doing something with an under 4k sensor rather than using an 8k+ sensor, which really is like an ultimate expression of quality in that direction of sensor technology. Sure even commodity 108mp 12k plus 16 stop small mobile sensor have been shown, but at the same time you have to highly compress 12k in a small package in order to use that. Even at 8k, it is a tall order to get 8k at higher, but sufficiently compressed, data rates in a smaller package. But as I've said before, why not something small above fullhd that can be downrezed to 2k with nice image quality, even on a phone. It saves a lot of processing in a small action cam like package, but with nice enough pixels.

I would be looking out for funding and team if I can pick a suitable sensor option, if my current venture doesn't produce enough excess funding. There are many 2k+ sensors out there, but much less with nice dynamic range and low light ability with good pixels in a smaller format. Make no mistake, if you look at many Kickstarter phone camera projects, they have failed to even reach funding, and many are mediocre designs that lack quality. Even the smaller than iPhone SE 16mp rugged phone I saw seems to lack enough quality to derive sufficient 2k downscaled pixels. But it requires sufficient less than 3k pixels to downscale to 2k with quality or a higher resolution sensor of sufficient quality inorder to be be binned down to provide good colour and accuracy at 2k (like that 108mp 12k which has 6k pure Bayer video mode). 12k is a bit of an overkill though.
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