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Introducing Radioactive Elements For BMD Fusion

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:22 pm
by Shem Namo
Introducing Radioactive Elements

A pack of resolution independent Elements For BMD Fusion.
All Elements have a transparent Background and work in the free version of Fusion.

The Pack includes:
SuperNova Flares: 10 Lens flares Made using Fusions Native tools.
All Flares are on a transparent background and have quick render times.

PyroBlast: 5 shockwave like Elements made using Fusions Particle system.

Module: 5 VFX elements for to recreate effects effects from famous films.
Module includes: Harry Potter Priori Incantatem and lightning spell effects
Dr. Strange style portal
2 smoke overlays
3D Plasma Ball.

This is a digital Download and does not include a hard copy.

All elements are completely customizable and are .setting groups
No Plugins Required. Works in the free Version of Fusion.

The product may be installed on 1 workstation and 1 personal system such as a laptop or home computer. This applies only if the systems are used by the same
person and not multiple users.

Please Do not Redistribute

To Buy please contact via Ebay for instructions
Thank You

I hope this post doesn't go against the rules of the BMD forum, if it does please let me know. ... SwdvxdvqKG