Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

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Luc Beloix

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Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

PostSun Nov 17, 2019 12:01 pm

Or anyone else, for what that matter.

If I understood the stupid lawsuits RED is throwing around, they have the copyright on "compressed raw" ...... ok fine, (no it's not. it's not fine at all.. how the hell someone can have copyright on a concept?)

So, why can't I have anymore uncompressed cdng in the latest camera firmware update? I have nothing against BM raw. I understand why people like it and want it.

Why can't those who cares only about the uncompressed cdng can't have it?
I know all the upside of a format as BM raw. I can concede that is "superior" if one's conviced of that. Still, why can't I have the choice of using a really heavy and a pain to work with format?

Honestly baffled..

Jim Simon

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Re: Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

PostSun Dec 01, 2019 7:45 pm

Luc Beloix wrote:RED...[has] the copyright on "compressed raw"

I don't think it's that simple, though. BRAW can be compressed in camera. I'm not aware of any legal challenge to that.
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Re: Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

PostWed Feb 05, 2020 11:14 pm

you still have uncompressed cdng in every bmd camera, with still button. :oops:

red seems to had patents to cover most of compressed raw from 24 fps to up, and many others...
Red did agreement with david newman (cineformraw creator) be cause he create and patents compressed raw in 2005, age before them.

Red instead to do some kind of childly action to stop competitor to record raw files they should work more on their codec and cameras.
when i found some problem on bmd cameras like slow boot (firmware 6.6) or fpn (ursa and bmpc4k and more) are acceptable for their price, but when i spent since 1k at day to rent a red and find fpn, heat problems, rolling shutter defects i start to be more than a bit upset.
anyway, just comeback to firmware to keep cdng old bmpc4k, on ursa g1, and more.
to be honest? i checked extensively q0 and 3:1 and at end of workflow are great like cdng with a lots of advantage.
the only thing that i would like to be happy to use compressed lossless cdng is to use pocket6k like photocamera to shoot long time (for photo) shooting, my photo cameras could shoot only 8-10 frame at seconds, ability to shoot 24 fps uncompressed dng is a dream for a lots of photographer of sport, action and many other situation.
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Luc Beloix

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Re: Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

PostWed Feb 19, 2020 5:56 pm

first off, after playing around with the ursa mini 4.6k (Which I am glad it will stay at firmware 4.8 I noticed that she still retains cdng) I realised that the cdng the ursa mini 4.6k are lossless aka sort of "compressed" Which it makes sense given that he write speed of the ursa mini 4.6k would be totally depndent on the writing speed of the media used, taking into consideration the fact that the advertised writing speed of any media is usually lower than the actual speed, it's understandable that it's far too risky to have actual 12bit uncompressed while lossless as a compression makes it more efficient.

I personally like to work with dng sequences. to me, it resembles film (the actual analog thing, which is in essence a strip full of picture)

I find dng sequences to be a more versatile type of file

Howard Roll

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Re: Why can't I have uncompressed cdng anymore?

PostFri Feb 21, 2020 12:05 pm

Only the original BMCC was literally uncompressed.

All subsequent cameras featured lossless 1.5x compression.

So unless you’re rocking a pre firmware 1.7 OG BMCC, you never had uncompressed, and now, to be sure, you never will. The humanity.

Good Luck

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