144MP Mobile Image Sensor:.200MP coming.

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144MP Mobile Image Sensor:.200MP coming.

PostTue Dec 17, 2019 6:31 pm

Samsung showing off it's 144mp sensor using 14nm chip making process. Around 200MP is expected this year (I think 16k). The use of these is often in Quad Bayer plus pixels, even 9 pixels combined recently. So, they enhance 4K imaging, forming bigger pixels by linking the pixels together. Recently, I have read about this also being used to form quad phase pixels for auto focusing. This would also give good depth information about how far away a pixel is, but mainly those in focus. At 16k they could do 8k using quad Bayer. This likely means, we are heading towards 256Mp phones, to give a square 8k quad pixel architecture. Sony's latest 64mp is 8kx8k I believe. We are also approaching futility, where 16k-32k Inna phone, will be more and more beyond useful. With 180 degree video 32k native will be a bit above 8k requirements once a frame of a conventional feild of view is taken out of it, however, users are not going see much use past an 4k video frame, which means 16k native is enough fur that. So, the industry will have to start looking for something else to sell us. So, better computational imaging is such a feature. With a quad phase, or 9 pixel phase, pixel you could do some of that (but limited due to unfocused points being washed out), so 32mp is back on the table, as you sacrifice the resolution down to 16k or less, another technique for higher quality could lower that in half again. However, if we use vertical color filter sensors, we can do 16k four phase pixels with maximal 8k quality, or 8k for 4k quality, or 4k for 2k quality. I think the 4 phase pixel was Sony's plan, and imagine it might even have something to do with their Light camera module manufacturing agreement.

Note also, that it is doing 144mp at 10fps, that is equivalent to over 40fps 8k. So, we see that there has been an problem for double exposure HDR for some time. It is pretty slow for movement within the image. The industry has been moving to single exposure HDR imaging sometime ago. There is a high quality technique for this, and would like to implement. One thing we really need though, is good cheap 16 bit cameras for HDR post handling.

https://m.gsmarena.com/samsung_unveils_ ... -40591.php
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