How BM could customise chips mor cheaply.

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How BM could customise chips mor cheaply.

PostFri Mar 20, 2020 6:59 am

I've come up with two customisation solutions for ASIC, after reading that Xiaomi is giving up making a second chipset and concentrating on making smaller chips.

Doing a chipset is difficult and expensive, and the competition cutting edge, even Samsung is cutting back on doing it's own ARM core. So, I know what Xiaomi are up against. The leading edge 7nm and 5nm capacity is full and spoken for into the future, making it expensive and difficult to get onto. So, they might as well use other people's chipsets, which have already had heaps invested into them.

However, putting the custom circuit on a seperate chip along with an off the shelf leading edge chipset product, you only have to order very little 7nm or 5nm silicon. All it requires is an interface standard between the chipset and sensors, or other components. Eventually, in the future, a single optical line could be used. Something the mobile standards groups based around ARM would probably like to develop with sensor makers like Sony. It could even have a seperate plug in storage memory interface. Then manufacturers could easily use it to differentiate their products. Pretty interesting.

The other was a cheap way to fabricate chips in house and reduce masking costs, suitable for companies like Xiaomi and BM.

By making the customised chip as small as possible, it makes I easier to access and get more units on advanced chip making processes. What BM uses across many products is storage and compression, everything else can be handled by chipsets. So, a common slither of chip could be used on a table of their products. Let's say it was 1/100 to 1/1000, the size of a chipset, one part of a wafer may be enough to supply BM with chips for years. But, the highest speed is not needed, but low energy massively parallel processing node. Also a product BM could sell to others (for instance TV game recorder market). Moving HDMI input and sensor input into it, with pas through control, you have something which can be sold onto the camera and phone market, with Braw recording. Only cheap chipsets for control and display are needed to be used with it in devices. So, on the phone side, the video camera capability is often pretty woeful in the chipset. The recording chain and software can also be problemed in phones. So, even if you program the chipset to record high quality by bypassing the hardware codec in there, it doesn't mean that a particular phone can handle recording that to a card, where as a slither of silicon like this can. So, some phone designs might want to use it, and done chipset manufacturers then license it to build it into their chipsets. The BM can use up its slithers and move to buying cheapest chipsets with it. Even the $1 chipset could use this. All the while, making their money back from not just cheaper posts, but also licensing.

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