Intensity Pro 4K: CCTV/NVR?

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Intensity Pro 4K: CCTV/NVR?

PostWed Jun 03, 2020 11:28 am

Hello to the community

I hope for input from you for a new project.

I want to record an unencrypted HDMI source using Intensity Pro 4K. The goal is to have software automatically record the signal as soon as an input is received (source is activated). If this is not possible, the signal should be recorded constantly as long as there is hard disk space available and then be overwritten again.

I would then like to be able to export recordings. Ideally via a GUI where I specify the time, preview and then export clips in 1080.

This basically sounds like a CCTV/NVR solution, but I don't know if you can record video signals over Intensity Pro 4K (instead of a regular cam). Are there people who have experience with such a solution and maybe can point me in the right direction?

At the moment I don't know in which direction I have to look and would be happy about your input.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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