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Fitting triple fan RTX2080Ti 11GB cards in a full tower case

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:04 pm
After buying my MSI RTX 2080Ti I was unaware that these monsters don't physically fit into the full tower cases I had....the physical length of the card with heat sink attached just fits in, but the plastic fan shroud on the MSI extends about 12mm beyond that and foul's the hard disk cage so that you cannot plug it in to either graphics PCie socket. Even if it could fit in the end socket, its separate stabilising bar could not
Fortunately a full tower case I had bought for a discarded project happened to be suitable, an imported German made one (Fractal). The HDD cage on these are removable by undoing captive thumb screws and are in two parts, both removable the same way. Removing the top section leaves room for 3 HD drives at the bottom, usually enough if you use 2 or more NVme SSD's in the mobo, which reduces the number of SATA ports available anyway.(ASUS MOBO)

All my other cases (Eg: Cooler Master etc) have the drive cages riveted in.

However I have just been given the opportunity to buy a 2nd new MSI RTX 2080 Ti 11GB card for $200 less than the first one so I can presumably use the GPU processor power of the 2nd one for Resolve, but this means I would have to remove ALL the SATA cages and work out some way of adding them externally.

However I may still have trouble adding the extra 20280 card to the far PCIe slot for it as its pretty close to the PSU case and certainly its metal stabilising bar would not fit.

My question is: This must have happened to some members already and I would like to know, from your experiences, if there exists a full tower case model that is made to fit two similar triple fanned cards and sill have the SATA HDD card cage to fit around 4 to 5 drives at the same time.
Hard drives are still desirable at the moment since their capacities exceed the amount of RAM on either a SATA SSD, or M or NVme SSD's while Resolves thirst for drive space on RAW files keeps them viable, as well as the expenses involved.

I have noticed on some videos of GPU/CPU trials that these guys use a case less frame on which the MOBO is mounted flat with no covers, the cards exposed with nothing to prevent them plugging in.
Probably not very practical for commercial use, but its a thought.
What have you had to do to get yours to fit? (*Resolve wise, that is)
Thanks for your time

John Byers