MacBook Pro mid-2015/Catalina and displaying grafix help

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MacBook Pro mid-2015/Catalina and displaying grafix help

PostWed Aug 12, 2020 3:47 am

Hello Friends!

So, I have a pretty crazy setup trying to get where I want to go. I've got a good Chroma screen going and a quasi PIP that is actually my 2nd display of three from the MacBook. Now I need some animated graphics with transparent background.

What I need to do: I need to get a transparent background animated graphic to show up on display 2 without looking like it's in a window. Would like audio with that if it can be done, otherwise that's another bridge to burn down later. There may be a window open on that display and the animated image should be in front of that window. As of now, that would only be the quasi PIP at usually 50% or less than full screen. qPIP can and might go full screen.

The Question: Besides, of course, how do I do this... is there an application free or I can buy to get this effect?

Why?As I understand I could use the Media Player in my ATEM to run the graphics, but I want to de-complicate the process of doing that for myself and more importantly, for the presenter. I am enjoying the new learning, but time is a big problem getting this stuff done. Don't recall the terminology, but if I use the Media Player I'll need to find out how to convert the graphic to individual frames in the single file.

~~~~~~~~~~The rest of this post is background info FYI if you want to know~~~~~~~~~~

Me: I have not posted a lot, so I will reiterate, I am new to almost all the technology I am working with here. New to Mac, video, BMD, most of the software I use, all of it. I am on strong medications and short term memory is gone for now, can't sit long enough to finish a post and I've begun to take notes on everything I do because that's faster than coming back from a break and not remembering anything. On the upside, I've been working with technology since 1982, so I usually get there one way or another. I do try and find out what I can on my own before posting.

What I have going so far:

For now, iPhone has push buttons that trigger either an ATEM Macro or an action on the MacBook via Keyboard Maestro. iPhone is running the Stream Deck app and a Stream Deck.

The MacBook has three "displays." The main display (MacBook built in), is the only one that will be used directly by the presenter and will not show in the recording or stream. The second "display" native HDMI out into ATEM Camera 3 and (currently) it's wallpaper provides the background for the Chroma effect. 2nd display is also the quasi PIP, as the MacBook/Keyboard Maestro opens a window in front of the background. The third display is for the ATEM Software and the presenter is to ignore that screen (via Thunderbolt 2 to HDMI adaptor).

Audio from the presenter is from a good old Shure SM57 through an analog audio mixer to MIC 1.

Audio from PIP video/Camera3/Display2 is either from the MacBook's 1/8" audio out going into the mixer and mixed with the presenter audio, or from the HDMI it feeds into the ATEM. Both work well.

Camera 1 is on the presenter, a Zoom Q2n coming from the audio world. My iPad worked well, but the aspect ratio made the recordings too chubby, just like me. iPhone worked well, but want to get phones out of the system. The Q2n has micro HDMI out, and after ordering a cable for that, I discovered it works great in "webcam" mode (unadvertised feature).

The gear details:

Elgato Stream Deck XL:
On order.


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
Catalina 10.15.6
2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB (2nd video card/GPU)

Analog audio mixer:
Yamaha MG10XU
A basic, but decent USB analog mixer with some nice effects.

Zoom Q2n:
It's kind of like a Go Pro, but optimized for audio quality. I'm sure a pro would freak :o at the thought of it, but meets our needs for posting on social media. Target audience is probably 75% on cell phones. There is a 4K version, but sadly the later models seem to have dropped HDMI.

THANKS to all who read this far.
BIG THANKS to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
Also thanks to all the others, for their selfless help in answering so many questions and so much teaching throughout the forum.

Best wishes,


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