Next camera release date?

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Next camera release date?

PostFri Aug 14, 2020 5:25 am

I had suspected there might be a new cavers release at IBC or IFA, if a pocket fullframe 16k for the photographic market, where BM could take advantage over lots of publicity related to their new sensor technology to plug in a pro prosumer model. Put this way, would you want an 8k fullframe with tacky image rendering or a 16k that does good video footage, and mellow great stills? Of course the 16k stills. Your poster and larger shoots are going be great. Past the mustard look no further, unless there is another option with great photos, 16k or more latitude nice picture 8k. But, this is the opportunity for this, this year to ride the hype over the sensor, next year maybe too late. But, they could even do 32k in an big medium format, like IMAX uses, with 16 stops and a few stops more low light. For advertising, that would be great. Going ASIC, custom chip, that is like the current pocket. I imagine for many medium format uses, that would be great, plus the video. Now, there is a $10k camera for them, with charged support line. At $10k, it would be a cheap prefered option. The same for higher end cinematographers who have that work or want a personal camera. That is the way on set, to get them used to it personally bas a familiar reliable product, that every personal person who knows what they do sees them using, and relates thst to it being a reliable brand. The chip used for it, could be used for all cameras and equipment, simply by using extra chips in parallel the higher the workload the product needs. This can simply be done cheaply, by connecting them in parrallel on wafer, and cutting them in groups of various sizes for the different product. That requires somebody who knows how to do it and their stuff aswell, to organise with the manufacturer. But, sensor manufacturers have their own lines, and could incorporate an ASIC design with the sensor, even to the side, which might work out cheaper and quicker to get to manufacture. If chips, they could be used for other production products.

But IBC and IFA are not the only shows. There is an upcoming NAB virtual show. ... september/

The Micro is in need of upgrade, and there are other formats that could be done (like 16k Fullframe). So, it seems there was room for more this year, despite how good the 12k is, it's not really a model I would expect to fill up production lines.
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