MS Teams Live to Vimeo

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MS Teams Live to Vimeo

PostFri Sep 25, 2020 4:37 pm

Hi :)

Maby some one will know or have an alternative idea how to stream MS Teams Live to Vimeo.
I have a MS Live meeting and need send this stream (live/in real time) to viemo pro.
I have a Vimeo pro licens, and have Teams Live event, but only way (using rtmp) is to send stream to Teams

My idea is to login to Theams meeting as guest, make a fullscreen, send this picture via HDMI to Atem Mini pro, and than stream it to Vimeo using rtmp. (build in Atem streamer)

Any other ideas how to do it? (to cut lag as possibe) ?

All the best, Nick

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