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Well done Black Magic!

PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:38 am
by John Barber
Great to see the new forum.

Congratulations to Grant and the team on all their excellent work, and products over the years.

All the best with the new Camera, from what I've read, you have had a fantastic response.

I have worked with numerous BMD products over the years, first with some Decklink cards at HSV 7 Melbourne on FCP.
A new product at the time, we'd changed to BMD as the manufacturer of our previous cards was slack in updates to suit Mac OS and FCP updates.

Made the switch to BMD and once when we had a software bug, our dealer contacted BMD direct and we had a software patch that afternoon.

After leaving that employer I bought a Multibridge Extreme for my edit system at home.
Just under the warranty period, had a problem with the fan. Rang BMD, some bloke said bring it into the factory. While the tech replaced the fan, I got a factory tour!

Magnificent Service, BlackMagic, second to none.

I now have the Ultrastudio3D on my iMac, works perfectly.

So best wishes to BlackMagic Designs for continued success and keep on creating revolutionary products!