T5 SSD - Missing/Corrupt Files

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T5 SSD - Missing/Corrupt Files

PostSun Feb 21, 2021 3:41 am

I did two shoots today with two separate T5 hard drives. I connected one to my Pocket 6K for the first shoot. I formatted the file as an exFAT and was able to get through the shoot. Throughout the shoot, I played back the clips to show the client. We skimmed through different clips.

When we wrapped, we connected the T5 SSD to a laptop to dump the files but when we tried that, all of the files were missing. We chalked it up that we would have to use a data recovery program worst case (the camera was b cam as well).

The second shoot, we used an entirely different T5 SSD. At first, my camera was reading that different SSDs connected to it, had only mere seconds left (wasn't true because one of them had 350 GB on it) to record with. Until one of them read that it had 119 minutes left (we decided to shoot this second shoot as Prores 422). When we played back after each clip to see if they were there in-camera, they showed. I got home and....they are corrupt. When I try to play them back, they are only 6 seconds long with a black screen.

This is entirely unprofessional that this sort of thing can happen. I don't even know what to tell the second client. I am royally screwed, if I can't get these files back.


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Re: T5 SSD - Missing/Corrupt Files

PostThu Feb 25, 2021 12:45 pm

You might want to look at the SMART diagnostic from the SSD see if it reports any anomaly.

If the clips played back on the cam, they must have been written ...
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