3D Printed Ninja MSata Caddy

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3D Printed Ninja MSata Caddy

PostFri Mar 19, 2021 9:24 pm

Here's a goodie for the cubophiles.

I got stuck with a few "spare" 960 MSata drives after my PixE5 crapped the bed for the last time. I picked up a couple Eluteng Msata to SataIII ($7.99 cheapest on Amazon) adapters to repurpose the media for the Ninja. This provided a workable yet inelegant solution, so I started to develop my own.

Seventeen versions later I feel pretty good about the finished product. The raised fins on the back were support added late in the game because the printer is developing some delamination issues, in earlier versions they were unecessary.

The PCB slides straight into the caddy. I haven't attached the drives permanently yet. I'll probably use some plain white glue or e6000 on the rear of the PCB. I was experimenting with a tab release as of V10ish but it made constant drive removal and fitment during prototyping a perilous endeavor.

Here are links to the MSata adapter and Thingiverse files.


https://www.amazon.com/ELUTENG-Enclosur ... 291&sr=8-4

Good Luck

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