Getting certified on resolve, possible? or no?

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Getting certified on resolve, possible? or no?

PostSat Apr 10, 2021 10:23 pm

I am an Adjunct Professor, and I contacted your education department after I found out there was a possibility of getting certified in Davinci Resolve with free training. They put me on their educator's list and sent me their times for certification classes. I'm from the United States in the state of Missouri. They had really nice convenient times for evening classes for Asia and Europe, but for the North American continent, I saw it was available in the summer. Now, where I really got confused was the time and language of the certification class for my continent. The classes were at 8am and provided in Spanish only!? Now, I am a little puzzled, because, like many others, I have a job to keep me alive, and giant shock, I usually work in the mornings. Secondly, the dominant language in the United States is obviously English.

There are obviously special reasons why the schedule is the way it is, but I really love this software and want to become certified to use it. The problem is that, from what I have noticed, is that your education department seems to have no solution or cannot give me the help I need so that I have the same opportunity the other side of the globe does. Why is it that no one has set up a certification course for my continent in the evenings, or at least an alternate one in English, when you have thousands of people that speak English? Is this deliberate? Are there too many people from the other side of the world teaching certification and not wanting to do the time difference?

Please someone from the right department please help me with this issue!

Ellory Yu

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Re: Getting certified on resolve, possible? or no?

PostWed Apr 14, 2021 4:17 pm

You can do self learning and then take the certification exam. I'm not sure if they even offer what you are asking. Never heard of such a BMD education program. I think they have in-class certification centers in certain cities like LA, not certain if they are offering any now due to the pandemic.

I'm curious if they do virtual classes and certification at all. Keep us posted what you find.
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