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ATOMOS Future Bright

PostMon Jun 21, 2021 3:58 am

Atomos: Outlook

The forecast for Atomos, which designs, manufactures and distributes monitor/recorders which range in price from USD $299 – $6,499, with a gross margin of around 45%, is looking bright indeed. Strong earnings, substantial growth in website visits, which rose +7.6% in April 2021 and sales of the recently introduced Neon lineup of monitor/recorders offer just a glimpse of why Atomos is on solid footing.

The announcement of the Ninja V+ – the first 8K monitor/recorder, Ninja Stream and the H.265 codec for the Ninja V, along with new product launches planned over the next 18 months, including gaming, more ProRes RAW integrations and possible partnerships with Disney, Zoom, Netflix, Twitch, Cisco and others, further contribute to a positive outlook for the company.

ProRes RAW, a high-performance video capture standard first integrated by Atomos, has already been implemented in 32 cameras, including Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Fuji, and that number is expected to increase to 43 by December 2022. Monthly activations have increased by around 450% over the last year – phenomenal growth which is only expected to continue, with an anticipated 2,683 monthly activations by the first quarter of 2023.

Atomos launched its lineup of Neon monitors in the first quarter of 2021, contributing around USD $1m in sales for the first half of the financial year while the world was still reeling from the pandemic. Atomos is struggling to keep up with demand, as both the Neon 17 and Neon 24 are on backorder.

Atomos monitor/recorders give professionals a faster, higher quality production system that enables the use of existing cameras in the production of cinematic quality content usually reserved for $100,000 equipment at a fraction of the cost, and used by social media, YouTube, TV and cinema content creators.

Atomos attracts a large online presence across all social media platforms, with year-on year website traffic for the period from January to April 2021 up 112.5%. This growth is expected to continue as the popularity of the Atomos brand increases. Atomos has built somewhat of a cult following since its products were used in the filming of popular movies, including the latest releases of Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond and Star Wars franchises, as well as streaming TV shows like Earth at Night in Colour. Opportunites for paid partnerships with directors could further drive penetration in the professional and entertainment sectors.

Atomos is consistently rated as the number one camera monitor, prized for its affordability, size, features, ease-of-use and warranty. Atomos ranked the number one bestseller among 419 monitors at B&H. Key competitors that regularly rank below Atomos include Blackmagic, SmallHD, Ikan, TVLogic, FeelWorld, PORTKEYS and Lilliput.

Atomos enjoys unique advantages in several key areas: they’ve built partnerships with Apple, Adobe, JVC, Sandisk, Sony, Western Digital and others; licensing agreements with and others; advanced R&D capability; in-house proprietary technology and intellectual property; strong brand recognition; a developed distribution network; and a highly experienced management team.

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Re: ATOMOS Future Bright

PostMon Jun 21, 2021 5:34 am

It will go well for them as long as they have an exclusive deal with apple for prores raw. I'm thinking that apple also wants to put pressure on BMD to stop Braw. Though they hide it through atomos. BMD is between a rock and a hard place. Solutions? Ihey open DR to PRR then Atomos will experience a greater windfall and BMD cameras will lose out market. Stop Braw and go PRR which I think its unlikely, keep the niche market or bring in the big guns, develop af or a lidar and ois the cinema camera imarket s changing and everyone and their mother is offering af and ois. I doubt that bmd can get a license from the big names. So Maybe develop or talk with Olympus. growing with better products. Bmd already has the quality so just imagine a bmd cinema camera with evf, af, ois. And internal raw. Atomos is now a public company.

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