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Is my monitor any good? Should I upgrade? (~1500 € budget)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2023 7:58 pm
by c010r15t
I do color grading and editing as a hobby and I have about ~ 1500 € / $ 1600 to spend on a new monitor, but I know next to nothing about what to look for so I'd appreciate any advice.

I currently have two monitors side by side:

Main: HP Z24n:

Secondary: HP Compaq LA2405wg: ... 06/manuals

I bought these separately and long before I even knew what color grading was and I've had them for years so I don't have a comparison to anything else.

The Z24n I am pretty happy with in the sense that the same image looks clearly better (brighter and more colorful) than on the other, which is why this is my main monitor, in DR I use this one for everything and the other just for scopes, media folders etc.

How good or rather how bad is the Z24n, in absolute terms? I know it's nowhere near an actual color grading monitor but I would like an estimate.

Now the question of upgrading: I read some reviews for affordable monitors usable for color grading and the ASUS ProArt PA329C seems to be well regarded and would be within my budget. Would that be a good choice? Is there some later equivalent ProArt model that would be better maybe?

However, I also saw that some people use ultrawide monitors for editing and have a separate reference monitor for color grading - for example, one member here uses the Dell U4919DW, which allows split screen mode when using two separate inputs (see here and here).

I'd love to have an ultrawide monitor for uses other than color grading/editing, so I would maybe sacrifice some color ability for that. The price would be about the same for both.

So, my question is: I am sure that the Dell U4919DW is worse than the ASUS ProArt PA329C when it comes to color grading, but on the other hand it would be great for everything else.

Therefore, the options are:

1. buy the ASUS ProArt PA329C (or an equivalent model), use that as the main monitor, keep the Z24n as the secondary and the LA2405wg as the tertiary

2. buy the Dell U4919DW and use the Z24n as the secondary/tertiary with splitscreen, and in the future buy the ASUS ProArt or something equivalent as a reference monitor

Re: Is my monitor any good? Should I upgrade? (~1500 € budge

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2023 6:11 am
by Ellory Yu
You might want to consider this over the ones above. ... 6cQAvD_BwE

Re: Is my monitor any good? Should I upgrade? (~1500 € budge

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2023 10:29 pm
by c010r15t
Thank you, I will! :)