Simply a great article explaining USB-(2,3,4,etc.)

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Simply a great article explaining USB-(2,3,4,etc.)

PostTue Oct 03, 2023 5:43 am

I needed to add some USB ports to my rig and quickly got confused (actually, more like suspicious of speed claims) and wanted an explanation on the tech so that I picked what was best for my needs. Staying current on USB specs is not what I do to relax, so I wanted some information (side note: I've found that ChatGPT-4 is often the better option than doing a Google search - although that seems to have changed or is changing as everyone adds AI to their search engines. It's often much easier to ask ChatGPT something like, "What is the best PCIe card for fast USB?" or, "Explain USB speeds". Okay, this is no longer a side note :lol: and gets away from my original intent. Yesterday, if I wanted that information I might have to wade through several articles or watch a few long winded - like this - YouTube videos, but ChatGPT usually does a pretty good job of this, and don't let the September 2021 issue stop you because the plugins can make that a moot issue. Probably tomorrow I can simply think about it - like declassifying something with my mind)
Here's a link to the freakin' article

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